Over the past decade international lotteries have gone from strength to strength, the jackpots are getting bigger and more and more people are playing around the world.

If you haven’t already played international lottery it might seem a little overwhelming, but it’s easier than you think to play the game. Who knows, you might even have some beginner’s luck!

You can play international lottery from the comfort of your own home. That’s right, you don’t even have to leave your house to play international lottery, all you need is an internet connection.

Before you start playing we recommend you do your research. After all, not all international lotteries were created equal. Each lottery has different prize money and jackpots. It’s important to look into each international lottery before you play and decide which one is for you.

Maybe you want to play for the huge jackpots such as those for the US Powerball, or wait for the EuroMillions superdraw and win some serious money?

You also need to ensure your safety by purchasing tickets from a trusted, government licensed company. For you piece of mind, The Lottery Office is locally owned, fully licensed and audited and subject to ongoing audit.

Next it’s time to learn the rules. How many numbers do you have to select? How many divisions are there? How many numbers do you need to match to win?

Most websites will have a How To Play section where you can discover all this information.

How to play

So how do you start playing international lottery? It’s actually very easy.

Select your numbers

Once you decide which type of lottery you’d like to play it’s time to choose your game numbers. Lottery is a game of luck, so there’s no right or wrong way to choose your numbers. Some people choose numbers that have meaning such as dates or birthdays, other choose randomly, it’s up to you.

Purchase your ticket

When you purchase a ticket from us in our lottery we purchase a matching ticket in the official overseas lottery using the same numbers. We issue you with your own ticket and you’re in the draw to win. It’s that easy!


Be assured if you win we pay you the exact same amount as we collect from the matched overseas lottery ticket.

Ready to play?

Purchase your first matching international lottery ticket from The Lottery Office for a chance to change your life forever!