Transformations Australia was founded in 1999 by Michael Barrett and strives to help people literally transform their lives (3,000 lives and counting to be precise).

In a program of four phases averaging 12 weeks each, participants are given the support and tools to change their lives with a final goal of transitioning back into society smoothly.

The main achievement of this program is the sense of community that is cultivated between volunteers and patients. More often than not, patients continue their involvement with Transformations long after their program has finished, so that they may help others achieve the same success.

In April this year we met with the charity’s General Manager, Emily Duncan, their fundraising co-ordinator Katy Tait and Eric; one of their greatest success stories. Eric shared his personal experience with the charity and the events in his life that had led him there. Like many of the patient’s stories, his was incredibly moving. He detailed his life from being a child soldier in Burundi, all the way through to here and now as a leader and volunteer within the Transformations program.

If you feel like being empowered or motivated today, we’d encourage you to check out some of their other success stories here (though we recommend you have a box of tissues handy):

After 18 years in operation, they continue to grow with locations throughout Australia including a recently opened campus in Tasmania. Each campus has accommodation that provides patients with a safe space for rehabilitation.

In June this year The Lottery Office were proud to donate $10,000 to help fund the renovations of their existing Gold Coast location, so that it can continue to provide a high standard of support to those in need.

If you, or someone you know could benefit from a program like this, please visit the Transformations Program Australia website here:

To find out more about The Lottery Office Charitable and Community Benefits fund, and how charities and other community organisations can apply for funds to support their cause, please visit our Charity page.