Nearly one-third of Australians would trade their partners for a lottery win

As Valentine’s Day approaches, a new survey has found that almost one-in-three Australians would sacrifice their relationship in return for winning the lottery.

The survey, commissioned by The Lottery Office, also found that more than 60% of Australians believed that winning the lottery would make them happier as a couple, while more than half of respondents thought that winning the lottery would make them more attractive to prospective partners.

The survey caused such a stir, Channel 7’s Sunrise dedicated a segment to the findings, later posting it to their Facebook page and attracting more than 3.5K comments.

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The new findings come on the eve of the huge $212 million European Millions Superdraw on February 8th, which is sold exclusively in Australia through The Lottery Office.

Val Holden, a relationship counsellor and spokesperson for Relationships Australia said she didn’t blame people for wanting more financial security.

“Winning the lottery would probably make a lot of things easier for most people – it certainly would for me,” Ms Holden said.

“But I would think that if you’re prepared to throw away your relationship to win the lottery your relationship probably isn’t in the best shape.

“The reality is that for a lot of people money can also be an easy way out of bad or unhappy situations.”

The EuroMillions is one of the most popular lotteries in the world, with previous payouts among the biggest in Europe, and Australians have the opportunity to benefit from those draws thanks to The Lottery Office’s European Millions matching system.

The Lottery Office CEO Jaclyn Wood said with financial pressures causing anxiety for millions of Australians a big lottery win could be just the ticket in the lead up to Valentine’s Day.

“Our European Millions draw offers similar odds to the Powerball lottery, but players get far better bang for their buck – something that could make this Valentine’s Day very special indeed,” Ms Wood said.

“The current European Millions jackpot is sitting at $212 million – that’s $60 million more than 2019’s record Powerball jackpot. If you’re going to purchase a lottery ticket, why wouldn’t you choose the lottery that offers a far larger prize at similar odds?”

Ms Wood said that large jackpots are common for The Lottery Office, which uses a unique ticket-matching system that enables it to match its prizes to large overseas lottery draws.

“The Lottery Office issues Australian consumers with a government-authorised Lottery Office ticket and then purchases a matching ticket in the overseas lottery draw” Ms Wood said.

“If the customer wins, we pay them the exact amount of the winnings we collect from the overseas lottery ticket. This means that our customers can benefit from jackpots that regularly exceed $100 million.”

Summary of key survey results:

  • Nearly one-third of Australians would leave their partners if it meant they would win the lottery.
  • More than 60% of people said winning the lottery would make them happier as a couple.
  • Over half of all Australians thought winning the lottery would make them more attractive to prospective partners.
  • More than a quarter of respondents would give their partners less than half of their lottery winnings.

The tax-free $212 million EuroMillions Superdraw will be drawn on Saturday, February 8th. Australians have the opportunity to purchase tickets online through The Lottery Office’s European Millions up until 11:59PM AEDST / 10:59PM AEST on Friday, February 7th.

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