“I’ll treat myself a little, maybe do some good for society, then I’ll wisely invest the rest so that my family and I are looked after for life”.


“I really do need 5 mansions, 15 Lamborghinis, every bottle of Bollinger in existence and a pilot, just in case I decide to get a Learjet someday. Anything left I should probably spend on <insert expensive, addictive vice here>”.


Get Creative!

When you win untold wealth, you’ve got the opportunity to do pretty much anything! You really need to consider these options if you don’t want to follow the predictable lottery crowd.

Build your own brewery

“I would hate my own unlimited supply of fresh beer”, said no one ever.

Start your own micronation

It might not be recognised as a legit state by the powers that be, but so what; you still get to give yourself a cool title, your own currency, flags and passports!
Side note: Don’t burn your “real” passport just yet. Probably not a good idea to try international travel on your micronation passport, even if you are, “King Jimmy of Jimmyland”.

Wear only custom made threads

Nothing says “I have millions in the bank” like a finely tailored suit, or hand-sewn, monogrammed undies. If you’re not dressed like this at all times, you’re doing rich wrong:

Lottery Millionaire

Become an Olympian

Now that you’re not tied down to the 9-5, you’ve suddenly got an extra 40 hours a week to fill… so what do you do?
You find a sport that anyone with enough time could master, and you train for 20 hours a week!
Surely you could become a prodigious curler in time for the next Winter Olympics?

Start a no-kill animal shelter

Give them a chance at life and let them stay as long as it takes to find a new home. Imagine the joy on their little faces when you serve them dry-aged wagyu rib-eye each meal!

Start a political party

You could call it, “The Communist Dictator Party”, just to mess with everyone. When asked what your policies are, you could just awkwardly stare. You’d likely win office.

Become a professional hermit

Get paid interest on your millions to live a day's drive from the nearest person. If you need milk, you’re still only a short chopper flight from Woollies.

Build a smoking lounge

Sure, cigars and pipes taste like fertiliser, but being rich ain’t easy. Smoking jackets are mandatory. Extra points if it has leather bound books and smells of rich mahogany.

Add secret rooms to your house

Looking for somewhere to hide out when the in-laws drop by? You could be there a while, so best stock it with all the mod cons. A Jacuzzi and well stocked bar are both essential.

Start a cult

Pay some people to follow you around, get yourself some robes and make some wild claims about asteroids, space ships and paradise. You could be a god amongst men! At least until your followers find out they were duped, then you may actually get lynched. But you’ll have the millions to hire an elite personal security detail, so joke’s on them!

So if you like the idea of being an Olympic gold medallist, beer baron or revered god, why not try and win your millions with The Lottery Office?

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